Serenading the Moon

We have no 'Serenading The Moon' CDs left but if you would like a downloadable version please email via for a link.

Click on the blue tracks to listen them.

  1. You'll Never Be The Sun (D. Long)
  2. Carrick a Rede (C. Ryan & J. Doyle)
  3. Sailors All (E. Carruthers)
  4. Mudslide Slim (D. Buick)
  5. I Find Your Love (B. Nielsen Chapman /P. Doyle)
  6. Bonnie Bessie Logan (Trad, arr. Soiree)
  7. Diamonds & Rust (J. Baez)
  8. The Nearness of You (N. Washington/H. Carmichael)
  9. The Briar & The Rose (T. Waits)
  10. There's a Guy Works Down The Chip Shop Swears He's Elvis (K. MacColl/ P. Rambow)
  11. Lies (S. Rogers)
  12. Waterlily (K. Polwart)
  13. Skylark (J. Mercer/H. Carmichael)
  14. On We Sail (J. Topping)
  15. Carey (J. Mitchell)
  16. Save The Last Dance (D. Pomus/M. Shuman)
  17. Forever Young (B. Dylan)
  18. Joy (J. Ian)